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The ability to judge correctly and to follow the best course of action based on knowledge and understanding.
Proverbs 2: 10-11
(New International Version)

Carrying out the word and will of another person, especially the will of God.
Deuteronomy 26:16
(New International Version)

Having or displaying a moderate estimation of one’s own talents, abilities, and value.  Shy in disposition; quiet and humble in appearance.  Reserve in speech, dress or behavior.
Mathew 18:4
(New International Version)

Having a strong desire to achieve something.  Greatly desirous: eager.  Requiring much effort: challenging.
Phillippians 3:14
(King James Version)

Fresh, just discovered, found, or learned.  Recently arrived or established in a position, place or relationship.

Inner spiritual renewal as a result of the power of God in a person’s life.
II Corinthians 5:17
Ezekiel 36:26
( Both from the New International Version)
Spiritually created in the summer of 2009.

  • To minister to women of all ages and cultures letting them know that God loves them unconditionally.
I John 1:9
(King James Version)

  • To confirm that all they need to do is surrender their lives to God and receive His love.
I John 4: 16
(King James Version)
WHO and WHAT are we WOMEN?

Women's Ministry