T.I.P.ster of the Month
I have been a member of the T.I.P.sters for about five years.  I work as a District Manager with USIS in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I accepted Christ as my personal savior when I was eleven years of age.  I was raised in church in my hometown of Montgomery, Alabama.  I am married to my high school sweet heart, Melanie, and we have four children ranging from the ages of 7 to 24.  I have moved with my employer three times now and it is comforting to me that I remain connected to believers all across the country through T.I.Psters.  I am usually a business as usual person that Verlinda and the other T.I.P.sters don't here from, but I pray when I receive a request.

How T.I.P.sters helped me:
I'd like to relate a time that I needed T.I.P.sters and my brothers and sisters in Christ were there for me.  I moved to Minneapolis in April of 2007 and I and my family had settled in nicely and had never felt alone, here in the frozen North.  Then last May, my wife was admitted to the hospital for a fairly routine surgery that was to take about an hour, and she would have to spend about two days in the hospital.  We went to the hospital laughing and were actually discussing what we would do for dinner that evening.  Little did we know what lay ahead for us.  I kissed my wife as they wheeled her away, and then quietly said a prayer and headed for the waiting room.  I had already sent a prayer request to Verlinda for dissemination to the T.I.P.sters the day prior.  Then, that routine one hour surgery turned into five and a half hours in surgery and three hours in recovery.  I recall about the fourth hour mark, the doctor finally came out and asked to speak with me privately.  He advised me there was a problem and that he had called for a specialist to assist him as my wife was not doing well.  Right then and there, it was like my world stopped turning.  Everything I had thought was important no longer was, and I suddenly realized for the first time since moving 1200 miles from my family's home, that as earthly things go, I was all alone.  I remember thinking, I need to get help, I need prayer, and I sent one email to the T.I.P.sters, through Verlinda Joseph.  Literally within ten minutes, I began to receive emails from T.I.P.sters across the country.  At that point in time, I could do nothing for my wife, but pray and wait.  It was a helpless feeling, but I found comfort in the emails that assured me that I was not alone.  It's been a long year since this event and we have continued to receive emails and cards from T.I.P.sters assuring us that we are not alone.  My wife is still recovering, but is expected to fully recover.  I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His comfort, mercy and intervention, and for T.I.P.sters, who I am positive on His behalf comforted me.
Blake Percival
Minnesota T.I.P.ster