How success will be measured

  • Visually observing thee appearance of clients on a weekly basis

  • Improved countenance and weight management of consistent clients

  • Improved grades for school aged children (with program expansion)

  • Parents ability to assemble a nutritious meal (weekly quiz)

  • Clients ability to prepare a nutritious meal (cooking class)

  • Change in eating habits and improved health of clients

  • Develop the program to accommodate approximately 50 families, one evening meal one night a week initially.

  • Expand program to offer evening meals six days a week

  • Offer tutoring and homework assistance for children and parents enrolled in the food program

  • Offer nutrition classes to parents to provide necessary information to help them develop sound eating habits for themselves and their children.

  • Offer cooking classes to provide parents with the necessary skills to prepare nutritious meals for their household.

  • Offer financial literacy training classes to develop financial stability and sustainability

The Rogers
Bountiful Kitchen
The Expansion Plan